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About me

Hello and welcome! I appreciate you stopping by so much. 

My name is Addie, I’m 18 and I’m from Hertfordshire, UK. I make all this jewellery by hand and I proudly own this small business. I began jewellery designing and making in December 2019, and a TikTok of my rings just so happened to go viral in Summer 2020, blasting me into an ever-growing creative pursuit that has now ended up here! 

I put care into every one of my eco friendly packages and I am very passionate about putting a smile on your face. No matter whether it’s the fun colours of my y2k inspired jewellery or it’s the vintage barbie stickers and sweets I include in my packages; your happiness makes it all worth it! Every click, like, share, comment, purchase means the world and I’m so glad you’ve been a part of it with me. 

My jewellery is absolutely for everyone. No matter what gender, sexuality, race, body type, etc... you will rock my pieces! Everybody is welcome and important here. 

I hope you enjoy your stay and it’s been lovely seeing you!